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ABC, her eyelids say.
25 May 2020 @ 02:38 pm
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ABC, her eyelids say.
- noun

Med student, writer, open, ridiculous, excitable, friendly, kind-of insane. Loves the notion of being in love. Never manages to find enough time on her hands to behave like a normal human being. Loves to chat and buy useless stationery. Falls over a lot.

Feel free to friend. No need to ask permission to art/podfic/vid/whatever! Just give me a link to the finished product once you're done and that's fine by me. ♥

Moderator for pacificrimfic, pacrimreversebb, inception_rpf, and thecircus_fic.
Poems and original fic at copperplated.

Fic List
(most recent in each fandom shown in pink)

The Hunger Games
And All of this Time We Were Dreaming Aloud | People talk about her in the corridors, the girl with no name, the runt, the orphan, the girl who dug her nails into a woman’s eyes once and ripped. The girl with nothing to fight for. Cato/Clove. | M.
Babylon | "They can’t hurt me," she tells him. She leans against his shoulder. It'll be in all the tabloids, tomorrow. "They can always hurt you," Finnick says. Johanna/Finnick. | M.
Jericho | Twenty Victors to choose from in District 1, and here the two of them are. Cashmere/Gloss. | M.

Star Trek 09
Syncytia | He'd signed up for Starfleet on an impulse, but Starfleet meant James Tiberius Kirk: the first – and second, and third, and fourth – big mistake of Leonard McCoy's life. Kirk/McCoy. | M.

Pacific Rim
Cold Climate Love | He knows he isn't built to be a father. His world is a world of frank destruction; and it's a world he loves. Gen. Herc-centric. | M.
Those Who Run With Wolves | She's matched him from the start, blow for blow, move for move, and for the first time since he saw her six months ago he realises that Aleksandra Dmitriyeva is beautiful. Aleksis/Sasha. | M.
Volchitsa | It had not been a marriage for love, but he loves her. Aleksis/Sasha. | M.
You're My Apocalypse | The entire world believes they are in love, but this is not true. Mako/Raleigh. | M.

This City That We Love | The only rules Freddie Lounds likes to follow are her own. Freddie/Wendy. | M.
This Rabbit Heart | "I'm fairly certain I locked my door," Will says. "I’ve decided," Beverly says, talking right over him, "that man cannot subsist on dog food alone." She flings open his curtains. "So instead we will subsist on nachos. I hope your oven works." Beverly/Will. | M.
We're All the Death You Need | The next morning Will comes down the stairs to find a stag in the hall. Gen. Will-centric. | M.

Cartography | Five lives he could have led, and one that he did. Bond/Q. | M.
Conquistador | They come for Q. Bond gets in the way. Bond/Q. | M.
King of Kings | Q and 007, at the end of the world. Bond/Q. | M.
Out of Sight | "I can't keep doing this," Q says. "I can’t shag you one week and watch you getting shot at in the next. I just can't do it." Bond/Q. | M.
Permafrost | 007 is a cold-blooded killer, except when he isn’t. Bond/Q. | M.
Russian Roulette | There is something dangerous inside of Q. Bond/Q. | M.
Scorpio | The problem is that Bond has learned to trust nobody except for himself. Not even Q. Bond/Q. | M.
Static Electricity | The only person that Bond needs saving from is himself. Bond/Q. | M.
The Book of the Dead | To love is to destroy. Bond/Q. | M.
The Mercy | There is a secret knowledge within her heart: she is not, and never will be willingly, a mother. M-centric. | M.

Other Fandoms
Avengers 2012
Game of Thrones
Sherlock BBC
Sherlock Holmes 09
listen: ode to... - rachael yamagata
ABC, her eyelids say.
22 October 2016 @ 08:21 am
Hello, dear writer! Thank-you so much for writing for me!

I'm so grateful you've taken the time to read this and write something for me - I know these exchanges take so much effort and time, and I really hope you enjoy the process of creating it as much as I'm sure I'll enjoy unwrapping the gift!

I'm fairly easy to please, so I've listed (in addition to everything on the Sign Up), what I like and don't like below:

Things I love:

  1. AUs! I love AUs. I love canon too, but AUs are my absolute weakness - high school, fantasy, dystopia, anything. I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi but other than that, please go nuts!

  2. Angst! Not angst for the sake of angst, but angst that makes me feel something or learn something about life or love or whatever, angst that feels real. Angst that feels like somebody might be going through that right this moment somewhere out in the universe. I don't mind how the fic ends, it doesn't have to be a happy ending, but as long as the journey feels realistic I'm all for it!

  3. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, people misinterpreting other people's feelings.

  4. If you want to just write smut, I'm all for it! But I prefer smut with a side dish of feelings or angst, too.

  5. Complex characters. I really love it when characters have multiple layers, or motivations, or contradictions, or are just really very human. They don't have to be good people, but they have to be people! Would really love if you could explore this!

Things I love a little less:

  1. Heavy kinks. I'm okay with light stuff, but anything heavy - sounding, roleplay, watersports, etc. - isn't my cup of tea.

  2. Crack!fic. I'm sorry, I just prefer either fluff or angst, crack!fic is always so hit-and-miss for me!

  3. Shock factor. Please no character deaths just for shock, if there's a reason it's there or if it is important to the plot then that's alright, but please no suicides or car accidents or previous sexual abuse or anything just to create a reason for OTP to be together ;___;

  4. Please please no bashing of other characters or of any OCs in the fic, especially if they're female! I really don't enjoy it when female fans, or female characters in general, are presented as rabid awful one-dimensional human beings, it really upsets me.

  5. I haven't listed Underage as a squick for me, just because it's a very broad sort of tag, but no huge age-gaps with one participant underage please ;____; I kinda categorise underage as <15yo, if they're teenagers I don't mind so much. But if there is an age-gap then please no pastel characters, it's really not my thing /o\

  6. I'm not a huge fan of ABO, it just isn't something I enjoy, sorry :(

That should about cover it! Thanks again so much for writing for me, I can't wait to read whatever you come up with!

With so much love,
ABC, her eyelids say.
11 October 2015 @ 05:36 pm

Zero Sum
[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: TOP/G-Dragon.
[fandom]: Big Bang.
[rating]: NC-17
[count]: 2.2k

For the first few months he hadn’t been able to reconcile the two images – the Jiyong clutching his shoulders and coming apart on his cock, and the Jiyong who’d sold him out two years ago, left him standing in a dead-end alleyway with three bullets in his handgun and the sirens closing in like sharks.

Road Music
[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: G-Dragon/Seungri.
[fandom]: Big Bang.
[rating]: M
[count]: 3k

“You don’t like me,” Seungri says. “How do I make you like me?”

ABC, her eyelids say.
16 February 2014 @ 10:18 am
I had a super eventful Valentine's Day celebration with the boy, and not for all the good reasons, either!

The date with the boy went well, at least. We went and had high tea in the city, then wandered around for a while, looking at books and so on. He bought me a potted orchid instead of a bunch of roses, which caused me much angst because the last plant I had to take care of was my mum's cactus and I still managed to kill it! I can't even imagine an orchid lasting more than a week in my hands. Fingers crossed, I suppose.

Then, when I got back home, I realised that my ruby earrings were missing.Collapse )
ABC, her eyelids say.
15 January 2014 @ 05:44 pm
Today, as I was scrolling my way through Tumblr, I came across a blog called Women Against Feminism. Being curious, I clicked on the blog, and was instantly baffled by the multitude of things being discussed and derided by these women. Some of these attitudes are just so confusing, such as this one:

Excuse me, but what?Collapse )
ABC, her eyelids say.
28 December 2013 @ 12:33 am

[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: Cashmere/Gloss.
[fandom]: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
[rating]: M
[count]: 1.9k
[warnings]: major character death.

Twenty Victors to choose from in District 1, and here the two of them are.
ABC, her eyelids say.
02 December 2013 @ 06:43 pm

[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: Johanna Mason/Finnick Odair.
[fandom]: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.
[rating]: M
[count]: 2.1k
[warnings]: none.

“They can’t hurt me,” she tells him. She leans against his shoulder. It’ll be in all the tabloids, tomorrow.

“They can always hurt you,” Finnick says.
ABC, her eyelids say.
27 October 2013 @ 09:08 pm

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Welcome to pacrimreversebb's first round! Signup are now open for artist and writers, as well as pre-matched pairs.
ABC, her eyelids say.
16 October 2013 @ 11:08 pm

[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: Jim Kirk/Leonard McCoy.
[fandom]: Star Trek (reboot).
[rating]: M
[count]: 3.1k
[warnings]: none.

He’d signed up for Starfleet on an impulse, but Starfleet meant James Tiberius Kirk: the first – and second, and third, and fourth – big mistake of Leonard McCoy’s life.
ABC, her eyelids say.
19 September 2013 @ 01:48 pm
I know this happens to everybody - but for some bloody reason, I can't seem to write any more.

I don't know why. This is a really awful kind of Writer's Block; when you have all these ideas, all these things that would have once upon a time inspired you, but you just can't write. I recently asked for prompts in my Tumblr Askbox, and I got heaps - but after writing one or two of them, even though several others inspired me lots, I can't seem to get any words out. I start a piece, get frustrated, and stop.

I think the problem is I've lost my voice. I've lost who I am, when I write. Once upon a time when I wrote the style would just come to my fingertips, the phrases and sentences, the paragraphs, everything would just happen and I wouldn't have to think about it. People would say things like "oh I love how you crafted this sentence!" and I'd just be like "wow, I didn't even... craft it, really. It just came out that way. Wow, how did that even happen?" But now... that isn't happening! When I sit in front of my laptop the words don't come. Everything in my head just feels so stale.

At times like this I feel like, perhaps it's time. Perhaps it's time for me to stop writing, full stop. I've always thought about it; I put a lot of time into writing and reading fanfic, and it takes up a huge part of my life, and stops me from doing a lot of other things. Perhaps it's time to break the habit? Perhaps fandom was just a phase in my life, and this Writer's Block is the clue that I need to move on?

I don't know. I just feel so defeated right now. Why are words so difficult :(