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11 October 2015 @ 05:36 pm
[fic]: zero sum + road music  

Zero Sum
[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: TOP/G-Dragon.
[fandom]: Big Bang.
[rating]: NC-17
[count]: 2.2k

For the first few months he hadn’t been able to reconcile the two images – the Jiyong clutching his shoulders and coming apart on his cock, and the Jiyong who’d sold him out two years ago, left him standing in a dead-end alleyway with three bullets in his handgun and the sirens closing in like sharks.

Road Music
[author]: epistolic
[pairing]: G-Dragon/Seungri.
[fandom]: Big Bang.
[rating]: M
[count]: 3k

“You don’t like me,” Seungri says. “How do I make you like me?”